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John Bond 

"Before it's Too Late" (1999 PI Recordings)

John Bond was born and raised on a farm at Marton, Blackpool. He started singing in school and church choirs and also singing songs and reciting poems taught to him by his mother, who herself had learnt them from older generations of the family. 'The Lawsuit' is an example of this; its origin is unknown despite extensive enquiries, so until informed to the contrary John retains the performing rights for it.

After a brief fling in a skiffle band in the late 50s his 'Singing Career?' took a rest until 1977, when he became part of the four piece madcap band 'Distressed Gentlefolk', performing the clubs, pubs and festivals and even, to the amazement of everybody, in 1981 television. This band continued, with various line-ups, until 1991. Since that time he has been a member of 'The Elderly Brothers' and 'Fleetwood Mashers' with Ian Gartside and others. John has also made a name for himself, (for the' sake of decency I will not say what that name is) as an entertainer in his own right, becoming well known for singing songs and reciting poems of a humorous, nay some may say `bawdy' nature, that he has pinched, stolen, collected from various sources (the tunes to these songs usually being re-arranged to adapt to his incompetent, barely adequate, unusual? style of guitar and banjo playing).

John has, over the last twenty years, appeared at the Fylde Folk Festival as an entertainer, both solo and with various groups, and also as a competent compere and host. 

He was also responsible for establishing, in 1990’s, the very popular 'Folk Night' at The Falcon Hotel at Poulton (later moving to The Plough at Staining). As a result of the aforementioned 'unique' style of accompaniment he has, by means of threats, pleadings, bribery, etc. obtained the assistance of Ian Gartside, (Guitar and Bass), Pete Skinner, (Banjo, Guitar and Vocals) and Barrie Parker (Melodeon) in the making of this recording.

John would sincerely like to thank Ian and Pete for all their patience 'and skill 'in arranging the backings for the songs, their singing and playing and the mixing down of the numbers on this disc.


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