Nickson’s Farm

Elizabeth Ellen and Thomas Bond

Born 2nd December 1943 at Nickson’s Farm, 265, Vicarage Lane, Blackpool. To Elizabeth Ellen (nee Swift) and Thomas Bond. Has an older sister Jean Ann Kirkham.

Brought up at the farm and attended Baines Endowed School, Penrose Ave, Blackpool.First showing of interest of entertainment with Photo evidence from circa 1953 being dressed in Top Hat and Tails as Compere and singer at concerts organised by St Paul’s Church, Marton, “Young Wives Club” and performed in the church hall on Preston Old Road.

After passing “scholarship” (11 plus) attended Blackpool Grammar School, Church Street. Unfortunately Father Thomas died in April 1957 but Mother carried  on with the farm, It was at about the age of 15 that he played “Tea Chest Bass” and Washboard in a short lived Skiffle Band “The Streamliners”

Left school at the age of 16 before taking GCEs to work on the farm.

Shortly after 17th Birthday joined Blackpool Borough Police as a cadet and at the age of 19 entered the main force with the distinctive collar number of 1.

Married early (17) had two children Andrea Jean Born March 1962, and James Andrew born November 1963.

Resigned from the Police Force in December 1968 for personal reasons. Although not the first, due to amalgamation of the police forces in 1969, was the last “Borough Bobby” to have the collar number "1". Also in 1969 was divorced.

Driving had been a passion and after leaving the Police became a driving instructor and later a branch manager for B.S.M. then the largest driving school in the country.

Married for a second time but again this marriage failed

In 1978 made the move to then B.A.C. later British Aerospace and was a member of their Police Force, married for a third time to Lynda and acquired two step children. Jacqui and Paul. Stayed at BAE  until 1992 when forced to retire for health reason (quadruple bypass surgery) 


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