Two In A Bar - Penny Black 

Penny Black are John Bond and Pete Skinner, (although they often joined by friends and family on stage) have been playing the folk, festival, club and pub scene since the early sixties. This CD consists of some of their favourite songs, several of which have never appeared on a recording before, “Lytham Town” was written by Pete O’Callaghan and Pete Skinner when they played as “The Brewers” and “Tribute to our Town” was written by Pete Skinner after a spell of winter unemployment when he was seventeen. Dick Grothusen “The Amazing Dick” friend and legendary songwriter wrote “Lung Cancer, Bronchitis, Smokers Cough and Pleurisy” and “Monosodium Glutamate Blues”. The rest of the songs have been collected over the years by John and Pete, some are serious but most are far from it!
Penny Black hope you enjoy the songs enclosed and if you’d like to find out more about these two old “Lanky” lads, where they’re playing and other CDs available etc. why not surf over to their Website

Penny Black (
Supporting A.R.C. (Arthritis Research Campaign)


1)  Just You and Me and a Wind-up Gramophone  2)  Lung Cancer, Bronchitis, Smokers Cough and Pleurisy
3)  The Boys that Broke the Ground  4)  Unrequited Love  5)  Irish Rover  6)  Say Who You Are Love
7)  Oldham Edge  8)  In My English Country Garden  9)  Hartlepool Monkey  10) Lytham Town
11) Monosodium Glutamate Blues 12) Rout of the Blues 13) The Timbercutter  14) Tribute to our Town
15) Sister Sarah 16) They Don’t Write ‘em like that Anymore

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